How to get more engagement on social media in 2022

Why is social media engagement one of the best ways to track success? Engagement will tell you if your audience is resonating with & understanding your content. This can also mean they trust what you’re saying & have formed a connection with you. 

From posting entertaining memes that resonate with your audience to hosting a giveaway – there are tons of ways to see your engagement rate sky rocket!

Now first…

How do I check my social media engagement?

First you need to head to your profile & hit the banner up top that says “professional dashboard“. From there you should click the top right button labeled “see more“. This is your Insights Overview page. Here you are able to see the exact number of accounts that are engaging & if you click on that, you will see all your engagement insights.

Now what you came here for…

5 ways to improve social media engagement:

  1. Make content similar to past content that your audience has interacted with before.
  2. Use strong CTAs (call to action) in your caption.
  3. Engage with your audience using polls in your stories.
  4. Create shareable content.
  5. Go live as often as you can.

If your engagement is low, that should be the first thing you work on before trying to gain new followers. If you can’t monetize your current following to buy from you, it will be even harder with a larger audience. 

& After all that is why we have a business Instagram right..

Now let’s go over which metrics will tell you how your social media engagement is:

An engagement is any type of interaction with your content. 

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saves
  • Shares
  • Story Replies

These are the metrics that will tell you if you need to pivot your content to interact with your audience more.

So what is your current engagement rate? Are you ready for some needle moving work or does your engagement need a little work first? 

Next time you’re planning your content, try to incorporate these 5 tips & see the engagement start flowing.

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Now go increase that engagement!

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