the direction of the social media channels

I know I’m not the only one who’s seen a dip in the social media channels lately

Low engagements, low views, low reach. You’re not alone. The same thing is happening to me & tons of other creators right now. Specifically with Instagram.

So I did a little research. 

Metrics are low across the board for Instagram because more people are spending their time in TikTok than on Instagram. 

is tiktok taking over the social media channels?

If you take a look at the progression of social media channels, the only constant is that it’s not forever. We saw it go from MySpace to Facebook, Facebook to Instagram, & Instagram to TikTok now. 

Of course, each channel brought its own uniqueness to the social media world, but users seemed to always have a preference on what app they spent most of their time on. 

Personally, I am seeing a shift in which social media channels most users spend their time on more. TikTok has grown to over 1 billion users in a very short amount of time.

With it’s powerful rise during quarantine, this social media channel is projected to only rise higher. 

TikTok is known for short form video content. Most of this content is raw uncut authentic footage. While most people assume that millennials and Gen Z users are the only ones who use TikTok, that’s not necessarily the case. There’s no question that younger demographics make up a huge portion of TikTok users, demographics have actually shown older in recent studies. For example, in 2021, 62% of TikTok users were between the ages of 10 and 29, but in 2022, only 47% of TikTok users fall between these ages. 

I do still believe there is a space for business growth on Facebook & Instagram. However, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if users spend less & less time with those apps & more on TikTok. 

So what does this mean for business owners that use social media channels in their marketing strategy? 

Pivot. Adapt. Measure.

Here’s what we’re doing…

We are still keeping Facebook & Instagram, but we are diving deep into our strategy and analyzing what we need to change. Right now, a lot of our authentic content is performing far more well compared to a promotional ad. 

What we learned: marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing. 

On top of this, we are expanding to TikTok. 

I highly, highly recommend you expand to another platform as well & start moving over your audience. 

Another amazing tactic to keep your audience engaged & help with conversions is to move your audience to an email list. 

You never really want to put your eggs in one basket. Meaning, you never want to connect with your audience on just one platform. The best marketing strategy involves multiple touchpoints to connect with your audience so you can funnel them towards conversion. 

(If you need help building an email list, click here & simply fill out this form so my team of experts can help you!)

To sum everything up, social media channels are evolving right now. We are seeing it happen right before our eyes. Make sure you have a back up plan & adapt with all the changes. 

I hope this article helped!

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