What are social media metrics?

How is social media engagement measured?

Just one short year ago I had not even 10% of my audience engaging with my posts. Today I have OVER 100% of my online community engaging daily. Keep reading to learn how I did it!

But first, some proof…

social media metrics

Now that you know im legit, let’s get into it!

To start off with, i want to cover what are social media engagement metrics & how are they measured?

Social media engagement metrics are:

  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Story Replies
  • Saves

If you want to increase your engagement, you need to be measuring these metrics above.

These metrics are measured & an average number is calculated to determine your engagement rate.

In order to measure your engagement, you will have to track these metrics over a period of time to get an accurate number.

If you head to your profile & click the insights button, Instagram gives you an estimated number of accounts that are engaging with you.

How is social media engagement important to your business??

Social media engagement is crucial to running a successful account because it connects you with your audience & builds trust. Trust leads to sales.

A lot of the best business deals are done through building relationships. Think of your social media like a huge room of potential clients. By having a good engagement rate, that means that you are building a relationship with all those potential clients!

This is the problem we were facing with our social media engagement:

Just like every other account on Instagram, we experienced the dip in our metrics.

Of course we took this time to expand our marketing tools to TikTok & drive our social media audience to our email community. But we were still stuck as to why our views & engagement were down on posts that we thought were better quality.

We decided to take a look at our strategy. Social media is completely different than what it was 10 years ago. Things are constantly changing & if you don’t pivot with it, you’ll be left behind. A strategy that worked for you 5 years ago, might not work the same today.

So we made some necessary tweaks to our strategy & started pushing out more content that makes our audience WANT to engage with us.


Your content isn’t about you. Its about your audience.

What did this look like for us?

  • Upgraded content that was MEMORABLE
  • Shareable content
  • Relatable content
  • More story polls

So if you’re struggling to increase your social media metrics, take a look at your strategy & see where you can improve. Take a look at the content you’re producing.

If you were to stumble across your content for the first time, would you want to see more or scroll right past?

Social media really isn’t complex – it just requires a lot of time & effort.

If you find yourself stressed out about what to post next, confused why you aren’t growing, not generating leads, blank on ideas of what to post, not having enough time to properly dedicate your attention to your social media, low social media metrics – this is your sign to outsource or delegate your social media marketing.

Let us build you a social account you’re PROUD of, so you can run your successful business or enjoy some extra time that we’ll free up for you!