Google is the largest search engine reaching 90% of all internet users. Let that sink in…

So it makes sense why every business owner wants their ad on this platform. Just as there are amazing benefits to paid advertising, there’s also some challenges that come with it. In this article I am going to discuss both the challenges & advantages that come along with paid ads & share some thoughts of my own on if it’s really worth it.

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One of the key advantages to running paid ads on the google platform is that you are positioning yourself in front of users with high buyers intent. Usually if a user is searching for something on google, they are either trying to learn or they’re trying to buy. Both of these are great because if you can get in front of that user while they’re trying to learn, you become top of mind when they’re ready to buy/outsource. Or realize the service you’re offering is worth it for them, rather than them wasting their time to learn.

Paid advertising is generally considered a bottom funnel strategy, meaning this is where the conversions happen. Users are coming to you with their wallet out.

Another great advantage to paid advertising is all the DATA. Generally I tell my clients not to invest in paid advertising unless they’re okay with not seeing an ROI for the first 90 days. This is because a campaign needs to run for the first 3 months to collect data & that data will tell us everything we need to know. There’s no telling what keywords will work, which headlines & descriptions will convert, what your CPC (cost per click) will be – until you collect data. We can have an idea with the industry you’re in, but never exact. & the one thing you do NOT want to do with paid advertising is assume & let it run. You will lose money every time.

Every single campaign needs to be tested & optimized consistently. There is always room for improvement with paid advertising because there are so many variables involved.


Just like any marketing tactic, paid advertising takes time.

If you’re thinking about running paid ads, my top piece of advice is to not expect to see an ROI for at least 3 months. This is because google needs time to analyze your ad & landing page so you can show up in front of your ideal audience. Google ranks on a relevancy scale. So the more relevant your ad to your landing page, google will show your ad to users ready to buy.

One of the biggest challenges I see business owners face with their paid ads is that they’re not giving it enough attention. Paid advertising really isn’t hard – it’s tedious. There are so many variables that go into making an ad campaign successful that business owners will write it off & say it doesn’t work for their business. When in all reality, your ads need more attention.

Your ad is going up against big companies with HUGE ad budgets & companies that have been optimizing their ads for years to get to the rank they’re at. You need to be optimizing your ad campaigns weekly – if not, daily.

How effective is paid advertising?

I do believe paid advertising is one of the best marketing channels for conversions. However, I also believe it’s only worth it if you have a roomy budget to work with in some industries. Reason being is that your running your ad against huge companies that have even bigger ad budgets. If you’re in the same industry with a small budget, it will take you longer to rank even close to them.

This is where optimization & relevancy become important. If you don’t have a huge ad budget, it is CRUCIAL your ad campaigns are set up properly & optimized on a regular basis. And it is even more important that your ad is as relevant to the landing page as possible. 

Make sure you also calculate how much you’re spending to acquire a customer/client & if it will be worth it in the long run.

Check out this amazing article from Google Ads Support to learn how to choose your budget & how campaign budgets work.

Paid advertising is an amazing marketing tool to reach people right where they’re looking for you – but can be a costly tool if not done properly or kept up with.

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