In any digital marketing strategy, content marketing should be a huge focus for your business.

Sometimes the hardest part of creating content is actually coming up with the ideas of what to create, especially when it seems it’s all been done before.

Below are 15 content ideas if you ever find yourself stuck – if you create any of these ideas, please tag Digital Kings so i can see what amazing content you came up with!

  1. Blogs

Does your business have a blog? Blogs are an amazing way to bring in depth information straight to your viewers.

You know it’s relevant because it came from your business. Blog comments are also an amazing way to see what your audience needs/wants to hear from you.

Not to mention, keyword paradise! Blogs are my favorite way to help rank for keywords, & easiest at the same time!

infographic explaining 4 reasons you need to be adding blogs to your content marketing strategy

2. Behind The Scenes

What better way to showcase your business than the raw and uncut behind the scenes moments?

Your audience wants to connect with real people, not for you to seem untouchable. Show your work environment, employees doing something quirky, the bad days just as much as you show the good ones, your audience will respect this & feel much more connected and trusting.

3. Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The good old reviews… these may seem outdates but they can bring so much value.

Personally, i do recommend to keep these up to date & make sure you are posting recent reviews & client testimonials. But these have to be one of my favorite ways to gain my clients trust.

I mean come on.. it’s literal proof that you’re awesome.

4. Quick Tips & Advice

If you’ve seen my social media, you know how much i love giving out quick tips!

My instagram is focused around these.

Your audience wants to trust you, & it’s hard to do that when all you’re giving them is promotional posts. If you give someone something of value to them, most of the time they will reciprocate.

Find the right balance between being clear on what you are selling, while bringing value to the table.

5. Product/Company Video

I love these especially for product based businesses.

I never thought i would be that type of person to watch the videos amazon puts up of the product, but i have become one (LOL).

It has saved me so many times when making a purchase.

For those of you out there with product based businesses, having someone realize that it’s not the product they were looking for is better than having a million returns.

For my service based businesses, this is an amazing way to showcase your talent & bring to light the value you bring to the table.

Don’t sleep on these.

infographic explaining 4 reasons video content is important to your content marketing strategy

6. Commonly Asked Questions

These are one of my top engaged posts on instagram!

A lot of times, people can shy away from a product/service from lack of knowledge.

Educate your audience, leave them wanting to know more. The more they learn from you, the more likely they are to convert. This builds trust.

7. Industry News

These are so fun!

Posting recent things happening shows that you’re on top of the game & know what the latest trends are.

This is super important in online marketing.

8. Curated Content

Curated content is very underrated. Especially with social media marketing. I know multiple brands that have built multi-million dollar companies off of curated content.

The key is to know your target audience & what their pain points are.

Do your research & find content that is beneficial to your niche, but at the same time is problem solving to your target audience.

9. Memes & Gifs

Memes & gifs are a great way to bring a light hearted laugh to your audience. Especially if it’s still related to your niche.

These are an amazing way to build trust between you & your audience by showing real people are behind the brand that have a sense of humor.

A way to feel connected & not out of reach.

10. Holidays

A lot of people think posting content revolving around holidays is a gray area since you don’t want to offend anyone.

There are 2 solutions, post general content revolving around holidays such as “Happy Holidays! From our ___ family, to yours” or create content around every holiday to keep everyone happy.

Sometimes i will do this, however just like you have specific brand values & a specific target audience, you may also have a specific holiday you celebrate.

Solution #2 is showing which holidays you & your employees celebrate.

This brings a sense of realness, & adds more value to your brand, as you are sharing with your audience your culture & what you believe in behind the brand.

11. Infographics

Infographics are huge right now.

Most of the time if you publish a blog or piece of content that seems to run forever, your viewer will grow bored and exit out.

Infographics are a great way to showcase the value & story behind what you are trying to convey, while holding your viewers attention & making it fun at the same time.

infographic explaining 4 reasons content marketing is important

12. Hiring Announcements & New Team Members

Viewers want to see who’s behind the brand. Who & how they make it all happen.

Showing new team members shows you care about who’s on your team, which shows good brand value.

Posting hiring announcements will help you reach a much bigger audience to pick the perfect person to bring on your team.

13. Event Promotion

If you often have events, creating content to push this event gives you more reach.

If you always post your event information, whether it’s through social media or your website, people know where to find the information they’re looking for.

14. Promote Email Signups

Posting content that promotes your email marketing campaign, is one of the easiest ways to get your viewers to sign up.

If you’re constantly posting valuable content, chances are they have your trust – which will make them more likely to sign up.

15. Repurpose Blog Content

One of my favorite ways to keep a consistent posting schedule is to repurpose content.

That could look like me taking a short instagram post & turning it into an information and valuable blog post.

Or vise versa, taking a super informational blog post & turning it into a short & fun instagram post.

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